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27th November 2019

Looted premieres at Tallin Film Festival

Very proud of our own Jennifer Eriksson on her feature producing debut “Looted” premiering to rave reviews at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival- for which CM did full picture and sound post-production!

Check out the article here: fbclid=IwAR2TCVqBvDoVzBrvbwxDTOMHFx26zSOS8H5CObFsurikrEptZX1SAyTC6ps

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  • 2nd October 2019

    The Last Tree gets a stellar review from The Guardian!

    We are ecstatic about The Last Tree, for which CM provided Sound and Picture Post Production for, receiving a stellar review from The Guardian.

    Sound is specially praised, as it’s stated: “Sound design plays a crucial role, too, with Femi’s fractured worldview dramatised through a richly textured mosaic of noise that slips from closeup voices and amplified ambient creaks to muffled booms giving the impression of being submerged underwater (…)”

    Don’t miss the chance to watch it now in UK cinemas!

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  • 20th August 2019

    47 Meters Down: Uncaged out in Theatres!

    We are thrilled to announce that 47 Meters Down: Uncaged is out in theatres! 47MDU is a sequel to the first film of a thrilling franchise. This time, Roberts not only directed but co-wrote the script alongside Ernest Riera.

    The story follows a group of friends that end up trying to survive in an underwater maze.

    We are very proud to have provided full post for this exciting project once again! Don’t miss the chance to watch it in the big screen!

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  • 13th August 2019

    Calm With Horses and Wet Season premiering at TIFF!

    We are very pleased to announce that Calm with Horses and Wet Season are premiering at TIFF!

    Calm With Horses follows the story of Douglas ‘Arm’ Armstrong, an ex-boxer that is torn apart between his job in a criminal organisation and taking care of his 5-year-old son. This is Nick Rowland’s feature film directorial debut after working on many successful series such as Ripper Street and Hard Sun.

    What’s more, Anthony Chen’s new film, Wet Season, will also have its premiere this year in Toronto. This is Chen’s second feature film after Ilo Ilo with which he became a Camera d’Or winner at Cannes! Wet Season tells the story of a teacher who finds support and comfort to her life struggles in an unlikely individual.

    CM provided picture post for both of these gripping projects and we can’t wait to see them in one of the biggest film congregations of the year!

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  • 24th April 2019

    Creativity Media joins the Fulwell 73 Family

    We are very pleased to announced that a few weeks ago we were acquired by Fulwell 73.

    Fulwell 73 have been responsible for the production of critically lauded and commercially successful documentaries and television programmes, including The Class of 92 (Universal), I Am Bolt (Universal) and The Late Late Show With James Corden (CBS).

    Fulwell 73 was Creativity Media’s third client back in 2011. As such both teams know each other very well. Joining the Fulwell family means a new chapter in the live of Creativity Media and with it exciting opportunities for our team and our clients. For more information click here.

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  • 9th January 2019

    McQueen is double BAFTA nominated

    The Creativity team would like to congratulate all nominees of the 72nd addition of the BAFTA Awards.

    Of course we are most excited to congratulate our very own “McQueen”, a double BAFTA nomination for both “Outstanding British Film of the Year” and “Best Documentary”.

    Directed by Ian Bonhote and co-directed and written by Peter Ettedgui, McQueen tells the story of legendary British fashion designer Alexander McQueen’s life and career. This celebratory documentary includes exclusive interviews with his closest friends and family, archive footage, stunning music and visuals to explore his inspiring and pioneering vision for fashion.

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