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28th September 2018

Two for Joy out in cinemas today!

After its positive reception at Edinburgh Film Festival this June, Tom Beard’s Two for Joy, backed by the BFI, has officially been released in theatres across the UK today!

Two for Joy is a dark deliberation on loss and grief, following a widowed mother of two, her heartfelt struggle with a mental illness and her problematic relationship with the children. The film stars Samantha Morton in the leading role, alongside Daniel Mays, Billie Piper and superb young actors Emilia Jones, Badger Skelton and Bella Ramsey.

In their reviews of Two for Joy, Empire wrote it is “an emotionally rich, beautifully executed family drama,” while The Guardian claims the film is “a serious, promising piece of work with visual flair.” And of course, we were delighted to see the praise of the sound design, which, according to Screen Daily review, “while never obtrusive, is creatively used to capture the disorientation of mental illness.”

It was an absolute privilege to work on this project and we are looking forward for everyone to see it.

You can watch the trailer here or just head out and watch the film on the big screen!

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  • 26th September 2018

    New VS. Poster

    A new poster for Ed Lilly’s VS. came out a couple of days ago, which certainly helps with the wait for its premiere coming up next month – October 13 at the London Film Festival. The general theatrical release follows on October 19. In case you haven’t seen the trailer yet, you can check it out here!

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  • 3rd September 2018

    Await Further Instructions Trailer is here!

    The trailer for Await Further Instructions is here, and boy does it look creepy! The film, due to be released October 5th (US), recounts the story of the Milgram family waking up one Christmas, to discover a mysterious black substance surrounding their house. Attempting to find out what’s going on, they switch on the TV, only to find a sinister looking message to ‘Stay Indoors and Await Further Instructions’. What follows is an ominous descent into paranoia, desperation and bloody carnage.

    Watch the chilling trailer here .

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