2018 BAFTA Winner for Outstanding Debut by a British Writer, Director or Producer.

In a far-off Zambian village, a local eight-year-old girl (Margaret Mulubwa) is faced with an existential decision after being accused of being a witch: to either accept her supernatural reputation and stay in the local village, or to be transformed into a goat that may be killed and eaten.

Director: Rungano Nyoni
Production Company: Quiddity Films
Distribution: Soda Pictures


starring Bruce Parry, Ingrid Lewis, Jerome Lewis, and Iain Mcgilchrist.

Bruce Parry embarks on a spiritual journey as he travels the world and explores the lives of indigenous people. He dwells on existential questions such as collective human consciousness and the different modes of making sense of the world, both from a Western and Eastern stance.

Director: Bruce Parry
Production Company: Quest Unlimited


2016 BIFA Winner for Best British Short Film

Produced by our very own Jennifer Eriksson, this brilliant short film tells the story of Russell and Waylen, two car-jackers. Each one reveals something about the personality of its owner. When they discover something of immense personal value, they find themselves in a moral dilemma…

Director: Rene Pannevis
Production Company: Silk Screen Pictures


premiered at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival

This acclaimed debut film from BAFTA nominated writer/director Babak Anvari is a chilling psychological horror set during the final months of the Iran/Iraq war. As a mother and daughter struggle to cope with the terrors of the post-revolution and war-torn Tehran of the late 1980s, a mysterious evil begins to haunt their home.

Director: Babak Anvari
Production Company: Wigwam Films
Distribution: XYZ Films, Netflix, Vertical Entertainment


starring Claire Holt and Mandy Moore

Two sisters on a Mexican vacation are trapped in a shark observation cage at the bottom of the ocean. With their oxygen running low and great whites circling nearby, they have less than an hour of air left to figure out how to get to the surface.

Director: Johannes Roberts
Production Company: The Fyzz Facility Films, Tea Shop & Film Company
Distribution: Entertainment Studios Motion Pictures


Winner of four 2017 BIFA awards.

Struggling farmer John Saxby resorts to binge drinking and casual sex to alleviate his daily frustrations. When a charming Romanian migrant arrives to work on the family farm, John inevitably embarks on an emotional path of self-redemption.

Director: Francis Lee
Production Company: BFI, Creative England
Distribution: Picturehouse Entertainment



starring Antonio Banderas and Olga Kurylenko.

An ageing rock star’s wife is kidnapped by a group of shipless buccaneers seeking to raise money to buy a boat whilst on a luxury holiday to Chile. Despite his lack of criminal (and non-criminal) skills, Turk Henry (Antonio Banderas) embarks on a solo mission from Chile to the remote jungles of South America in quest of his wife.

Director: Simon West
Production Company: Salty Film
Distribution: Lionsgate Home Entertainment


starring Joan Collins, Pauline Collins and Franco Nero

Determined to gatecrash her ex-lover’s funeral in a glamorous French hideaway former Hollywood siren Helen (Joan Collins) escapes her London retirement home with the help of Priscilla (Pauline Collins), a repressed English housewife stuck in a bad marriage. On this unforgettable journey, they find true friendship in one another – and have the time of their lives!

Director: Roger Goldby
Production Company: Bright Pictures
Distribution: Universal Picture, Independent Film Sales


The legacy of the fastest man in history, Usain Bolt.

Usain Bolt is a globally adored icon. He is a man we know from the track – his focus, his smile, his winning and now “I Am Bolt” lets us see the real man behind the Triple Treble Olympic Gold Medals for the very first time.

Directors: Benjamin & Gabe Turner
Production Company: Fulwell 73
Distribution: Universal Pictures


starring Rooney Mara and Ben Mendelsohn

When a young woman unexpectedly arrives at an older man’s workplace, looking for answers, the secrets of the past threaten to unravel his new life. Their confrontation will uncover buried memories and unspeakable desires. It will shake them both to the core.

Director: Benedict Andrews
Production Company: WestEnd Films, Film4