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31st July 2018

New trailer releases for Damascus Cover and Final Score!

How exciting to have two of our films’ new trailers roll out last week as well as a Damascus Cover teaser!

Damascus Cover, a spy thriller starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Olivia Thirlby and John Hurt promises a suspenseful espionage in Syria, while Final Score with Dave Bautista and Pierce Brosnan packs in an action-filled fight of an ex-soldier against a group of attackers holding a football stadium hostage.

The trailers really help with the wait, Damascus Cover to be out in cinemas on August 3 in UK and Ireland with Final Score following on September 7!

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  • 30th July 2018

    Kanye West tweets about McQueen!

    It was great to see Kanye West’s appreciation of McQueen last week in his Twitter post!

    In his tweet on the film about Alexander McQueen’s struggles, Kanye claimed he “connected with his journey” and knows “how it feels to want to take your life back into your own hands even if it means taking your own life.” We are pleased the film’s difficult subject matter is already opening up a conversation on mental health issues.

    Creativity Media fully financed and post-produced the film and we are thrilled to see that it was so thoroughly enjoyed by Kanye and his wife Kim, who retweeted the post!



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  • 27th June 2018

    My Friend the Polish Girl at EIFF!

    My Friend the Polish Girl premiered in the UK yesterday evening at the 72nd Edinburgh Film Festival!

    A fictional tale of a documentary maker, Katie, played by Emma Friedman-Cohen, as she manipulates the life of a Polish migrant, Alicja, played by Aneta Piotrowska. The narrative takes on a new form when the documentary becomes, as EIFF states, “a questionable game in which the two women challenge each other.”

    Creativity Media assisted in the post-production of My Friend the Polish Girl, providing Online Editing and facilitating the Grade.

    Creativity congratulates My Friend the Polish Girl on its UK Premiere!

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  • 25th June 2018

    Two for Joy Premieres at Edinburgh Film Festival!

    Edinburgh International Film Festival (EIFF) 2018 began 20th June and finishes 1st July. Creativity are pleased to see the world premiere of Two for Joy, which we provided post-production for, took place on Saturday at the 72nd EIFF!

    Two For Joy featured on the Best of British strand alongside features like Steel Country and Old Boys, and another film which we post-produced; My Friend the Polish Girl, which is having its UK premiere at EIFF on 26th June!

    Despite featuring a range of global filmmakers in their ‘American Dreams’, ‘European Perspectives’, and ‘World Perspectives’ strands, EIFF have historically championed emerging British talent, with Two for Joy being no exception!

    Two for Joy follows a mother, played by Samantha Morton, battling debilitating mental health problems, as her two children attempt to cope with her mental illness. The family visit a caravan park in an attempt to bring happiness to Morton. On the holiday they encounter another family, including actresses Billie Piper and Bella Ramsay, where the family are pushed to their limit as tragedy strikes.

    The reviews have been overwhelmingly positive, commenting on Morton, Piper and Ramsey’s skilled and emotive performances, as well as the unique yet appropriate sound design, that “is creatively used to capture the disorientation of mental illness.”

    Creativity congratulates Two for Joy on its world premiere!

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  • 22nd June 2018

    The annual London Screenings takes place!

    On Wednesday evening, Film London screened upcoming films at BFI Southbank to give international buyers the opportunity to screen smaller films.

    London Screenings is an annual event that provides a platform for breakthrough filmmakers and films of the year. Films featured in past years include The Girl With All the Gifts, Tommy’s Honour, and Narcopolis.

    This year’s London Screenings featured Peripheral and Two For Joy, (two of the stand-out films for buyers!) which Creativity provided post-production for.

    Peripheral follows protagonist Bobbi Johnson, played by Hannah Arterton, as she struggles to write her second novel. After submitting to pressure from her publishers to write using their new technological interface, Bobbi undergoes a drug-fuelled struggle to maintain her autonomy as an author, while the digital world attempts to dominate her home, body, and mind.

    Two For Joy explores the relationship between a teenage girl, her bedridden mother and her troubled younger brother. The family retreat to a caravan holiday park in an attempt to bring some happiness to their mother, played by Samantha Morton. Along the way they meet another family, including actress Billie Piper, which provokes an exploration of themes including child abuse and mental illness.

    It was a pleasure to work on both of these films, and Creativity wishes them success!

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  • 11th June 2018

    Critics Review McQueen

    The team at Creativity are pleased to see positive reviews of McQueen since it’s release on Friday!

    The film received a four star rating from both The Times and The Telegraph.

    The Guardian matched this rating and said “the film-makers capture the impact he had on the people around him.”

    While The Independent commented “the filmmakers celebrate his prodigious achievements but the sadness is that he never managed to escape the hothouse world of the fashion industry.”

    Read more here:

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  • 6th June 2018

    McQueen Premiere!

    On Monday night, the team at Creativity: Richard, Patrick, Alex, Colin and Bianca attended the worldwide premiere of McQueen at Cineworld in Leicester Square, followed by a reception at Century Club.

    Other attendees who came to celebrate McQueen’s legacy included McQueen’s nephew and sister: Gary and Janet. As well as celebrities like Beverly Knight, Amelia Windsor and Lulu Guinness to name a few.

    Well done to Peter Ettedgui, Ian Bonhôte, Sofia Martin, Andee Ryer, and Cinzia Beldessari on making such a fantastic film!

    McQueen will be released on June 8th!

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  • 30th May 2018

    McQueen to be released soon!

    The team at Creativity are excited for the release of a film we fully financed and post-produced: McQueen!

    The film celebrates the rags-to-riches story of fashion icon Alexander McQueen, following his early life, career and his tragic death, and explores themes of mental illness, drug abuse, sexuality and gender. McQueen will be premiering in the UK on June 7th, and will hit cinema screens on June 8th.

    For a sneak peak at this stunning, bold and thoughtful film, watch the trailer here:

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  • 26th April 2018

    Cannes 2018

    From the 10th May – 14th May 2018, both Patrick Fischer and Richard Kondal will be attending the 71st Cannes Film Festival.

    The prestigious film festival  has remained faithful to its founding purpose: to draw attention to and raise the profile of films, with the aim of contributing towards the development of cinema, boosting the film industry worldwide and celebrating cinema at an international level.

    If you’d like to request a meeting with Richard or Patrick, please email –

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  • 10th April 2018

    Mercury 13 available on Netflix!

    Netflix’s newest documentary Mercury 13, for which Creativity Media provided full post-production will be available to watch from 20th April 2018.

    Directed and produced by David Sington and Heather Walsh, this documentary follows the story of the brave women who underwent the same training as the famous “Mercury 7”, in a privately funded program outside of NASA. During a time full of prejudice, watch as these women try to defy all odds and prove that women can do anything men can.

    The trailer is out now and this is going to be a documentary you don’t want to miss! –



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