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3rd August 2020

Creativity Media facility open with Covid-19 safety protocol

We have recently been welcoming clients back to our facility, having implemented a number of Covid-19 precautions after a thorough health and safety review. We ask our clients to follow these rules carefully for the health and safety of everyone at Creativity Media.

Creativity Media’s safety Covid-19 safety protocol is reviewed monthly to ensure it is fit for purpose and currently includes:

– Prior to being granted access into CM, all guests and staff need to undergo a risk assessment and training in our Covid-19 guidelines. Every day upon arrival, all staff and guests need to confirm their risk assessments have not changed.

– We keep a stock of PPE, which is readily available to both guests and staff upon arrival.

– Temperature checks are conducted upon arrival and only those whose temperature is below 37.8 C degrees are granted access into the facility.

– The use of face masks has been made mandatory at all times by all members of staff and guests at CM in all communal spaces or where a 2m social distance cannot be maintained.

– We have implemented a one-way-system to alleviate the traffic within the facility.

– A 2-metre social distancing policy is to be maintained at all times and in all suites within the facility.

– Each of our suites has been clearly labelled with the maximum capacity of people it boasts in an attempt to mitigate risk.

– Hand sanitiser gel and antibacterial wipes stations have been installed at all key entrance and exit points and in every suite to ensure periodic use by everyone to mitigate infection risk.

– CM adheres to a strict protocol which is to be executed in case of anyone experiencing Covid-19 symptoms, which includes a waiting room dedicated to those experiencing any Covid-19 symptoms whilst transport is being arranged for them and follow up monitoring.


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