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14th April 2020

Creativity Media is fully operating remotely!

We are delighted to announce that despite these challenging and uncertain times, we are now fully operating remotely and we are continuing to post our existing projects and starting new ones – it’s business-as-usual.

We have managed to establish a reliable remote workflow, with all of our staff dialling in via dedicated hardware extensions which allows everyone to access their current workstations, shared storage and high speed internet that our facility offers.

Offline and online editors are working from home by using hardware extensions to their machines.

To continue colour grading, our colourist Matthew Throughton has set up a 4k HDR Baselight suite at his home, and has successfully enabled a streaming solution, which allows our clients to remotely attend sessions so that they review their graded picture in real-time.

Our sound editors have bought set-ups from home and continue to work on their projects and we have migrated a full 5.1 ProTools mixing suite to our mixer, Richard Kondal’s home.

Even though we have been physically separated, we have been united in every step of this journey and are delighted to be able to continue to help our clients finish their films, TV shows and streaming content.

Check out our Managing Director’s, Patrick Fischer’s, interview to Screen International​ to know more about how CM has been working from home!


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